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Will Raap


“My work in Vermont and in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica is about creating local opportunities for macro change. Though our national and global economic systems are deeply dysfunctional, my experience is that individual and community actions can show the way. When you figure it out at the local level, the examples and stories ripple out. By describing some of those projects here, I hope to help fuel the change we need and must create.”

-Will Raap

Strengthening Local Food Systems

Re-localizing food systems is stimulating a myriad of positive social, economic and environmental change.
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Ecosystem Health

Collaborations between business, science, education, and government are helping to restore the health of our planet.
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Renewable Energy

Progressive states, businesses, and individuals are leading the way to a cleaner, more secure energy future.
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New Economics Institute

Collaborating for the Economy and the Earth

I’m proud to co-chair the Board of Directors of the New Economics Institute, an organization of creative thinkers working to develop a fair, sustainable new economy that functions within ecological limits and considers the world’s diverse people and cultures. In NEI’s view, “The U.S. economic system is failing in its essential purpose: to provide fulfilling and healthy lives for all people while nurturing the social and natural systems on which the economic system depends.”

Please visit the New Economics Institute website to learn more about our projects and the conference.